The Nature of Systems and a Brief Catalog of Types

At the center of every system lies a helithos, a center around which aetheric currents flow, ley lines run, and planets revolve. Exactly what determines the helithos of system is unclear, though in a typical system it lies within the heart of the sun for that system. Some systems have their helithos at the center of a planet instead, causing their sun to revolve around the planet instead. Whether the helithos is a physical opbject buried at the center, some type of magical portal or chakra, or nothing but a mathemetical middle point is still unknown and subject to great debate, as no one has ever reached or seen one. The ones in the center of suns provide obvious difficulties, and to date no hollow worlds have been discovered. Since the disaster met by the eladrin expedition to Caves Tartari in 1152, none have tried.

There are several types of systems, based on their number of helithos and what lies at their heart.

Solar systems have sun at their heart- a blazing ball of fire, heat, and radiant energy that provides warmth and light to the planets revolving around them.

Gaiae systems instead have a massive planet at their center- this planet may be gaseous in nature or solid, and can vary in size. In habitable gaiae systems one ore more small stars will revolve around the planet.

Bothoric systems have a black hole at their heart. Though typically devoid of life, these systems are often rife with rare metals and gems, to include adamantium, platinum, mithril, and lawstones. It should be noted that while travelers are in little danger of being sucked into the black hole so long as they stay away from its event horizon, should they travel past that point they will be absorbed into the the black holes ever hungering maw.

Binary systems contain two helithos (which may be of any combination of the above varieties), and any stars, planets, or asteroid belts float about in a figure eight. These types of systems are quite rare.

The Nature of Systems and a Brief Catalog of Types

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