The Arrangement of the Heavens

In ages past, in the time prior to The Dawn War, there was but one world. It was crafted when the Primordials crafted the world from the raw stuff of the Elemental Chaos, and the Gods bathed it with energy from the Astral Plane, allowing life to form. But, Primordials all being creatures of chaos, grew bored with what they had wrought, and sought to destroy it and remake it again. The Gods moved to stop the Primordials, for they wanted to see their creations thrive and evolve. Thus The Dawn War commenced, and while the Primordials were ultimately defeated, their defeat was far from total. Some were slain, many were chained and hidden away in secret places, and a few others managed to carve out domains within the Elemental Chaos using the power of the Seed of Evil, which The Forgotten One cast into that realm in hopes of usurping all the God’s power. In doing so, the world was shattered, throwing pieces of itself across the void which surrounded it.

In time, planets, stars, systems, and nebulae coalesced, and life continued on, though no living creature today has record of that terrible time.

The universe, as it came to be known, came to be arranged as such.

At the edges of the Universe is the Great Beyond- a lightless void where not even Aether flows, and there appear to be no contact between any of the planes. It is said that to stare into that terrible emptiness is to invite madness, and that only a God could have any hope of traversing it with their sanity intact.

The Void is the area between The Great Beyond and The Floor of the Universe- here Aetheric currents rage, only slowing as they pass into systems. Systems float steadily in the Aether, and as if tethered to some great invisible chain. Becuase of their lack of movement, it allows for ships to navigate the stars by observing how constellations change. In addition, many systems have gates erected by a forgotten civilization that can be used to speed travel.

The Floor of the Universe is a massive globe obsidian that is encountered as one moves toward the center of the Universe. Far from being a single monolithic piece, it consists of trillions of asteroids of varying sizes that constantly shift and flow, making travel through it difficult and extremely dangerous for those not prepared.

Beneath the Floor is Deep Space- a place massive, red stars and a high number of dust clouds, asteroid clusters, and systems with little above ground life. While dangerous to traverse, there are many mining colonies here, especially ones belonging to the dwarves due to the high incidence of rare and valuable metals. There is only one known way gate that leads to Deep Space, and it is located near the Jade Empire’s homeworld.

At the center is te Heart of the Universe- a swirling, black mass that devours anything that comes within its reach. It was created when the Seed of Evil was cast from the heavens and pierced the world’s heart, before plunging into the Elemental Chaos below.

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The Arrangement of the Heavens

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