Planes of Exsistence Beyond Our Own

Thus far, we have dealt primarily with the Universe, or what is often reffered to as “the Material Plane” or “Prime Material Plane.” There are other places, realities, that are both beyond our perception, yet overlap and interwine themselves within, around, and through the universe as we know it. One thing to keep in mind is that distance in one plane is not necessarily relative to that in another, and thus a long distance in one could be a few steps in another.

The first is what scholars call “The Astral Plane.” This plane is the realm of spiritual energy, where Gods are said to carve out their domains where the souls of worshippers not claimed by the Raven Queen dwell with them. Though no one has ever reached one of these Astral Domains and returned to tell about it, visions of them are sometimes seen by worshippers when their deity contacts them. Some teleportation spells open portals into the Astral Plane, allwoing the user to use the Astral Plane to quickly travel between two spots. This type of trvael is not without risks, for the Astral Plane, like all the other planes, is not empty, and has its share of monsters. Travelers say it appears as a great exspanse, with a soft luminescense suffusing everything and roiling clouds of soft pink or deep red.

The next is the Elemental Chaos, which is often characterized as seated “below” the Universe. A place of roiling elemental energy, it is where massive banks of earth, air, fire, and water clash in spetacular shows and only small islands of stability are safe for mortal travelers. At the heart of it lies the Abyss, the home of demons and the place where the Seed of Evil finally came to rest, corrupting the remiaing Primordials and their Elemental Servants into Demons.

Both the Elemental Chaos and the Astral Plane stretch across the universe, and exist independantly of any star or planets. However, planet’s interaction with these places create two localized planes- the Shadowfell and the Feywild.

The Shadowfell is a gloomy, dark reflection of the world it co-exists with, The souls of the dead not claimed by a particular deity come here, and The Raven Queen holds heavy sway, shepherding lost souls on to the hereafter. Beings of shadow typically inhabit this plane.

The Feywild is a primal, untamed “super reality.” Colors are brighter, mountains are taller, and natural formations more majestic and extreme. It is a place of nature and magic, though it is not without its dangers, as terrible giants called fomorians dwell in the lightless depths beneath the earth and many fantastic creatures dwell in the sunlit canopies and beneath shadow boughs.

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Planes of Exsistence Beyond Our Own

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