Humans, Children of Star and Steam

Ancient History

Humans tend to venerate Pelor above the other deities, though as one of the most populous and far flung races, there are many exceptions. The greatest concentration of humans reside in the constellation Thrane- so named for the great warrior king who united the constellation under one rule. In ancient times, Thrane was a mighty warrior king, said to be blessed by Pelor himself. He fought many wars against the other tribes on his home planet, Reth. After conquering them all and bringing them under his rule, his friend and advisor, the cleric Kruss, received a vision revealing the existence of a magical portal that would open up new lands- ones where humanity was oppressed by horrible monsters. King Thrane traveled through these portals, battling giants, orcs, drow, neogi, and other terrible foes- demanding they submit to his crown as the price of their salvation. It was a price gladly paid by all. When he reached the final world, Satharas, he found it overrun with extraplanar monstrosities, the land turned to harsh desert, and its people transformed into what are now called tieflings. Initially disgusted that they had let themselves be changed, he saw that there was still potential for good in them and so battled on. Thrane met his end in a final glorious battle, sacrificing himself in single combat against a fearsome balor. In doing so, he allowed the tiefling sorceror Safir to close the final planar breach. The kingdom remained united under Thrane’s son Theron, and to this day the royal line is comprised of his direct descendants.


Thrane is comprised of seven dukedoms, ruled over by a king located in the capital city Drunh on the world Reth. Their constellation, called Thrane in honor of the epic hero-king, is in the shape of a spear wielding warrior. Most of the human worlds are unremarkble, except for the tiefling homeworld of Satharas, which is mostly desert with city states clustered around scattered sources of fresh water and the occasional rainforest huddled in the shadow of a mountain range.

The human worlds are Reth, Satharas, Saffron, Valanor, Brynn, Ceridwyn, and Ressily.

Humans are divided between nobles and peasants, with a noble typically responsible for the government of a landholding he is gifted. In return, he swears fealty to a higher ranked noble, whom is responsible for multiple vassals. This continues up the chain to the Arch Dukes, who rule each planet, and the King, to whom each Arch Duke has personally sworn fealty to.


Humans discovered void sailing when a gnomish vessel, the Spirit of the Discovery, crashed upon the world of Saffron. Though initially treated with wariness, humans quickly adapted the gnomish technology to their own seagoing vessels, and quickly spread out across the void. While many of the other, more ancient, peoples were wary of gnomish technology, the people of Thrane were fascinated by it, and soon began to adopt it to widespread use. They also worked to refine and improve it, and human constructions tend to be sturdier and more reliable, if not always as effective, as their gnomish counterparts. To this end, human ships still resemble modified sailing vessels, and strike a mix between maneurvarbility and speed. The frequently feature movable sails that hang out across the sides and beneath the bottom of the ship to aid in maneuvering, but can be retracted to allow for docking.

Notable Humans

Thrane- The warrior-king, blessed by Pelor, who led a radiant host across the 7 worlds of his namesake, freeing the civilized peoples residing there from the oppressive tyrannies that lorded over them. Though the Arch Dukes he set up still hold large amounts of power, Thrane was famous for his sense of justice and compassion, and so set up legal and political systems that were fair to all peoples, regardless of their backgrounds. He is regarded as a saint of Pelor by the humans of Thrane, and by many other worlds that have heard his tale and made pilgrimmages to his shrine on Reth.

King Gregor the XXIII- the current high king of Thrane. He came in to power at a young age, when his father, Gregor XXII, was killed in battle during the Deathless Wars. He has so far shown himself to be a capable ruler.

Lord Gunston Solar- a pirate king who managed to come into possession of Starfortress Arcana, he is now the ruler of it and the sole person capable of activating its defense mechanism. During the Deathless Wars, his crew of privateers were held captive in the station, awaiting execution and re-animation as undead soldiers. He somehow managed to escape and make his way into the heart of the station. What he found there is a secret he has closely guarded, and all the is known of the defense mechanism he activated was that when the Allied armada showed up to attack the station, the Deathless and Drow ships in the vicinity of the station were torn apart and Solar demanded he be granted status as sovereign over the station. The allies granted him this status, and the Arcana has functioned as a neutral meeting point ever since. He is currently estimated to be over 80 years old, though somehow retains the appearance and vigor of someone in late middle age.

Black Dan (AKA Daniel Teach)- a notorious pirate, he is rumoured to have plundered over 200 ships in his career. His ship, The Raven Queen’s Justice, heads a small armada that ambushes merchantmen, stealing their cargoes before speeding off into the darkness of space. No authorites have yet found his base, but there is a sum of 10,000 gold pieces to any who can bring his head to the Council abaord the Arcana. He is described as a massive bear of a man, with a flowing black beard and numerous pistols and knives about his person.

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Humans, Children of Star and Steam

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