Aether, Nether, and the Properties Thereof

The universe is comprised of different types of elemental matter. What exactly these elements are is subject to debate, but the prevailing theory divides the elements into fire, earth, air, water, aether, and nether.

Air, earth, fire, and water are often called the “classic” or “cardinal” elements. They existn in varying amounts from place to place, and from creature to creature. They are considered the building blocks of matter.

Aether is an invisible, undetectable fluid or gas that swirls about the cosmos. It has no effect on most matter, but great concentrations of matter (such as planets) or specially enchanted materials appear to be more sensitive to it. Aether causes planets to orbit, and is used by ships to sail between the stars.

Nether is a theoretical “anti-Aether”- it flows where there is void and destroys Aether in great bursts of energy should they contact one another.

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Aether, Nether, and the Properties Thereof

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